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Anyone else out there love Pavement (or like them at all?)?

I havent had teh money to buy the reissue of Crooked Rain Crooked Rain yet, but has anyone else picked it up? The two Pavement reissues are how all reissues should be done - reasonably priced with a mind blowing amount of bonus features, unlike weezer's Blue Album reissue, which provided songs fans had for the most part already heard for an exorbidant amount of cash.

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The Crooked Rain Reissue has all the b-sides from the album, as well as demos they recorded for it with their first drummer. A lot of it, in fact, most of it, has never been heard by any fans. Matador is billing it as "a lost Pavement record"

It really was a golden era for the band, I'm hoping it will help bridge the first two albums together. I really wnat to hear the early versions of Wowee Zowee tunes like Grounded that are on it...

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