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I saw Radiohead in the summer of 2001 at Thunderbird with the Beta Band...they played 2.5 hours...it was nuts. No Fake Plastic Trees though... ;)


Saw them at the Coachella festival again a few months back in Indio. They were amazing, but the Cure owned.

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wow 2 and half hours eh? that's awesome, not many bands do that anymore...kinda like the days of zepplin when they's play for like 3 hours.

crusader did you go listen to metric? they are actually better live because their recorded stuff is a little more techno-ish and live they are more rock.

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i don't mind her, i find her lyrics incredibly simple but i do like her voice and i think she's really pretty. she does have a few songs that i think why avril, why can't all your songs be like this? and then there are some that just make me hang my head.

it makes me realy mad though that people always bash her, i think she's done really well for herself

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