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I have an essay coming up in my journalism class, and i'm going to be juxtaposing the censorship/propaganda tools used in the first world war with the gulf & iraq wars.

There was a relativly famous story in the news during the beginnings of the Iraq war, that involved a female U.S. soldier who had supposedly been "rescued" from a hospital? They were going to make a T.V. movie out of it at the time, but as it turned out the whole story was all a big lie.


If you have any idea what i'm talking about, do you know what the female soldier's name was? I have a horribly shitty memory as you have no doubt gathered, and i'm pretty sure i haven't gotten the story right. Nevertheless, help would be greatly appreciated.

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yeah, no problem, i'm pretty useful when i'm not a dick.
god it would be so hot to be rescued by some marines


I guess dicks really are useful.

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