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Alberta Beef

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Im bored and I have a questions for the people of Calgary. Where is the best place to get a cheeseburger in Calgary? My buddy is going there and he wants to know. The only reason I wonder is if I think about my city, all the tourist brochures and stuff will say all these fancy restaurants are the places to go, but I know that the greasy spoon down the street serves the best food.. Only the locals would know where the best food is ;)

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I think Peter's is closed... or closing very soon. 16th Ave expansion project.

Too bad, it was (or remains for a short time) delicious.

Other than that, i don't really know any places famed for their burgers.


I can give you a delicious Prime Rib and Steakhouse (Smuggler's Inn), and delicious deli & sandwiches (Keith's Deli), but I at least for the moment can not think of any place other than Peter's thats as well known for its burgers. It may still be open now, but it won't be for much longer, so it depends on when your friend is going down there.

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