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Down Under Desperation

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I am currently living in Sydney, Australia and for the last two weeks solid the operation has timed out every time I try to get onto the official MG site, it's driving me insane. Is anyone else having trouble getting onto it or am I destined to be MG-free for the entirety of time in Kangaroo-land?


I have tried both Mac's and P.C's, Moxilla, Explorer and Safari and still no joy. Help?!

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I recall Matt saying something about people in AUstralia not being able to access his site because of his(?) sly and evil hosting company. I'll try to search his site for it and post back soon.


[edit] Found the post. Here it is, dunno if it will help but it gives you some info on whats going on:


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The post about it on Matt's site, part of which EvanofEdmonton has pasted here, is mine. I emailed Matt because I could no longer access his website.


And sorry to say Jeeves1010, but the situation hasn't changed. Most Aussie's can't access, a few here and there can. It doesn't even matter which isp you are with, as some people on the same isp can access and some can't. It's all due to Level 3 refusing to redirect traffic for Cogent, and basically most Aussie's just can't access the blog at all anymore.


I am thrilled to say that I found a backdoor way into Matt's blog, which allows me to read there. I am going nuts not being able to post though, because there are so many things I want to respond to. But I can't logg in to post.


If you want to know my way to get in, just shoot me a pm here and I'll let you know.

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