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London Tonite

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London show.....much better than Kitchener. Three Acoustic songs..


21st century and prime time were just fantastic...



not much more to say....oh ya there is


we made use of our GoGo cages (hello time bomb)...good times for all


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So yeah, I planned on not going, but decided to anyway.


Two free VIP passes to a MG show prevail against anyone's better judgement I expect, especially since I got to bypass the line and was the first actual concert-goer in the place ;)


Excellent show, I made the right choice for sure.

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Great show, I think this was the 9th time I've seen MG in concert and this was probably my favourite setlist. A couple songs might be out of order:


Tripoli (acoustic)

Near Fantastica

Hello Time Bomb

Everything is Automatic

Alert Status Red


The Rat Who Would Be King

Oh Be Joyful

Load Me Up

Blue Skies Over Badlands


Apparitions (acoustic)



Little Terror

21st Century Living

Prime Time Deliverance (acoustic)


I was right behind one of those cages, it was a nice touch putting the ladies in there for HTB, but it made all my pictures look as if I was watching the whole show from jail ;)


Advertising on Police Cars was on the actual setlist as the last song, but wasn't played. One of Rich's pedals or something broke during Little Terror and the techies couldn't fix it, so they changed it 21st Century Living and an acoustic bonus of PTD. It was good times.


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Yeah I was wondering where was AOPC but nevertheless great show. And it was the first out of my five times that The Future Is X-Rated wasn't played and I'm happy.


As for the setlist, I think Oh Be Joyful was after Alert Status Red but maybe you have it right. The ending to The Rat live is always the highlight of any Matt Good show. I was ecstatic when I heard Prime Time Deliverance but I seemed to be the only one in my section that cared.


Besides AOPC, I was hoping they'd play Avalanche but that's alright. Great show overall.


OH and you missed The Man From Harold Wood as the opener.

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That show was GREAT. I would have posted earlier but I got home from it at 4am and had to work at 10am. That was rough.


Matt's voice was amazing even though he had said that he felt like he was mumbling. Tripoli and Near Fantastica were amazing.


When he started playing Prime Time Deliverance, I screamed so loud and jump out and almost fell backwards. People around me thought I was crazy. Acoustic PTD pretty much made my year. It's beautiful.


Matt seemed to be really into it and happy even though he mentioned the sinus infection.


About half an hour after the show ended, Matt came out of his bus and signed stuff and took pictures. He was REALLY nice. He called me dear. *blush* So I got In a Coma signed and a posture I took from the wall and I took a picture with him on the steps of the bus. I thanked him for acoustic PTD and he said that we were lucky because he only decided to play it after Rich broke his petal.


Overall, I thought is was my best Matt Good experience out of all 8.

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the night started off ok.. we watched a little hockey, did a few drugs.. then made the short trip from st. thomas to london.


this was my 9th show, my brother's 12th (but he's older than i, so he got into a few 19+ shows when i couldn't) one of the guys i was with, it was his 28th show, he went cross country once, and did all the ontario dates once. we treat matt good concerts like a cult, it's just something that we all grew up with, and we never grew old of it..


there isn't nothing like fitting 8 people into 2 trucks. when i opened the door in london, i literally exploded out of the cab. it made even better that i did that without spilling a drop of my coffee.


so we get in line, and then my bro is looking for the other group, who we left behind at the timmy's drive thru. eventually they get back in line.. which went from just me, to about 8 people.. (if you were behind me, you were probably pissed at that) so we're cracking jokes about butt plugs and a certain unfortunate incident involving a porta potty as a place to sleep. we don't behave in any line. then as we get closer to the front another bunch show up.. just in time, cause we were going inside and we had their tickets. so we were 11 people strong going there.


so we got in and proceeded to the balcony. i bought three beers pour moi. then we got to the merch counter. i didn't buy anything.. i'm way too big to wear any band merch of any kind ;)


we then decided to retire to the back room. played some pool. nothing doing.. the opener started up, we all took a look at them, and laughed. we hicks ain't into none o' that gay-assed pussy music. so we went back to playing pool and i proceeded to have my ass handed to me by one of my friend's gf..


so after that, one of my friends finds his sister out there too. she was standing just outside the door to the back room. so we break into groups again.. he and his sister, her bf and me and another friend of mine all force our way to the front. we end up at a spot by the tables, about 5' back of the left go-go cage.


when i heard them playing "the man from harold wood" i got all gitty. i was wondering to myself "i wish i learned the arsenal fight chant" but it was all great.


matt really kicked it with tripoli as the opener.. i miss the piano and the children's voices but hey.. what can ya do?


near fantastica was next.. it's my all-time favourite concert song.


hello time bomb was next.. and of course of any song to make use of the go-go cages.. that one would likely have to have been it.. the only one better would've been fxr. they weren't the best dancers by far.. hey.. i would've ended up there if they didn't go, i was dared earlier in the evening to go up in them and dance... they're like "hey don vito! (my nickname) if you go up and dance in the cages i'll buy ya a 2-4"


so that didn't happen, even though i wanted to.


so yeah.. i really didn't have a favourite song on the night... they're all as great as one another. but hearing suburbia and ptd made my life worthwhile. i would've also taken aopc, and was crossing my fingers for it, but alas, my luck is never that good.


i was a little p.o'ed at the lack of a rant in 21cl, but it's life.. i thought it had something to do with the technical difficulties, like they couldn't get the tape to run. but i guess that wasn't the case.


i was overjoyed when ptd came on. it's one of my favourite mg songs overall... i was waiting for a chance to hear it all my life.. and then one of the girls we came with decided t ocut across the crowd to say we're going drinking after... but she elaborates on it.. we were pissed. big time. missed half the song to hear her blabber on about what was a given with us.. going drinkin'.


i caught a drumstick at the end of the show.. as well as my friend's sister.. her's was autographed, mine wasn't. :angry:


damn e really goes to town on those drums.. cause it was split and her's had the tip broken off...


we stayed around looking for any more souvenirs.. i took a poster off the wall.. and a friend found a guitar pickin front of the stage.


as for the bad seats in the house.. there are a lot of them. basiclly anywhere on the balcony that isn't on the rail and doesn't have a blocked view from all the lighting.

anywhere on the side is also bad... cause the speakers and go-go cages block everything.


so that's my night at the drink..

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