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there is if people start taking it seriously.

They may be entirely disposable, but a good pop song can be killer. Take "Since U Been Gone", there's no big idea to it, there's nothing going on with the lyrics, it's not an art statement, but when I'm at a party/club, that's the song I want to hear. Every genre has its place.

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the people who don't see a problem with music like this are inevitably the problem. ;)

And you are the all-knowing Scot, king of music, with creating such hits as "Echoes" and "Killing Time". Therefore, your opinion is ALWAYS right and whoever opposes you clearly has bad taste. But nevermind that, Prozzak are past their day.


Edit: But really though, I completely support what you're doing. I'm just bugging you about it like they used to on the Metro. Hahaha ohhh, so many memories.

i've missed the good natured ribbing that one can come to expect on here.


between the your band sucks, and the omg!1 your mum wrote your bio!? it's a welcome change.

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