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What Was That Thing With Mph

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I don't have any links but there were a few chapters of mph, or whatever they might be called, who hired a third party company to take care of the manufacturing of the wrist bands. The problem was this was that they very well could have hired a bunch of kids in a third world country to make them. It's that sort of irresponsibility that they are supposed to be fighting, so it was a general turn off. I think that's what happened.

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There is a thread about it either in the matthew good forum or the politics forum, started by me, where I give a link to the story. I was actually the one that had tipped Matt off to the goings-on.


Although if my memory serves me, Matt's decision to end his association with MPH was due to something else which he discovered before the news about the wristbands being made in sweatsohps was discovered. He wasn't at liberty to discuss much of it, although there was reference to it being used as a tax shelter by rich people.

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