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Red Eye

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I dont know. The acting was okay, but the story was extremely weak in my opinion. I mean, since when is Brian Cox an expert with a gun? And why is the woman hanging out at magazine stand, instead of getting the hell out of the airport? Like why hide when your father is about to be killed?


And why doesnt Murphy just use a pay phone to call in the hit? Or how about shootin the guy from a window with a sniper rifle instead of this elaborate plan that relies on one girl's cooperation? And a rocket launcher? Overkill anyone?


There were a bunch of things that fell through at the end, and I was totally let down. There was way too much 'coicindence' and I also felt that it was silly that she stabs him with a dull pen, and then stabs him with a dull shoe. I mean, if that's how she works with dull objects, what about a knife? She'd kick some serious ass. I found those parts silly, and the struggle between the two(since murphy is a HITMAN) was also silly, because, really, he couldnt take her?


Plus I always feel ripped off paying 13$ for a movie that was shorter than the Dukes of Hazard. It was like an hour long on the dot.


I dont know. Just my opinion, but I can understand the acting comment, and even the style one too. Just the plot really ruined this for me, which is pretty crucial.

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I thought the movie was alright, but I didn't read too much into it... As to payphones, aren't they rapidly disappearing anyways? As to the magazine stand, she was waiting for security to go by so she could actually escape without getting caught...

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