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Any suede fans? I just read an article at a friend's place that listed Suede as the nuber one band of the 90's.


Anyone agree or even care?

Or even know who they are?


I don't know about them being the best of the 90's, cause Beautiful Midnight blew most albums away in 99, but Suede is a bloody wicked band in my opinion.

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Golden Gun, So Young, Animal Nitrate, Film Star, She's in Fashion, Attitude, Positivity, Everything Will Flow, Beautiful Ones, Metal Mickey, We are the Pigs, obsessions....


Tons more, obviously. Download this or something if you want, it's worth it.

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Huge fan. I suggest you check out Bernard and Brett's new band, The Tears. They released a phenomenal debut last year. I think the early stuff is miles beyond anything else coming out of the UK at the time. While I like Coming Up and understand it is the era that most of the fanbase originates from, it's nowhere near as brilliant as the stuff with Anderson/Butler. After Coming Up, horse shit.

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