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Anyone Watching Star-gate...

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so ya i went ahead and read the spoiler..i dont realy care anymore...tell me what happens in the rest of the season...Bad Guys is playing tonight...not to sure what goes down but ya...might as well tell me

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there making yet an other spin off btw*...i hope its good..and yes atlantis is really good, but some episodes are just dumb...


*Stargate Universe is the working title for a third Stargate series which is currently in development. The concept will revolve around the 9th chevron on the stargate. It is on track to premiere in 2008

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I thought season 10 was better than 9. the ori were pretty interest especially at first, I felt like they made them reall strong and then realized how it wasn't feasable and then things got dicy.


atlantis is a good concept and some shows are good. but yeah there is a lot of filler.


excited for a 3rd show.

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