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Next Album Set To Record

August 31, 2010 04:45 PM UTC

Warne Livesey, renowned record producer and mix engineer, has announced that he will be working with Matthew Good on their sixth album together! You may have heard some of their work together on Underdogs, Beautiful Midnight, and the Audio of Being so we can all expect something good.

The next currently untitled Matthew Good album is currently set to feature 8 tracks. As many of the M+ members know and as Livesey said, "Matt already has an incredible collection of songs demoed and the project will be quite a new departure for us both." Recording is set to start this October.

Good has also expressed interest in recording this album at home or in a lesser known studio. Unfortunately, this may also be Matthew's last "full length" album. He had this to say on the subject:

This will probably be the last full album I ever make. After it’s done I think I'm going to move into the realm of releasing 3 or 4 song EP's with greater frequency so that I can delve into different genres without having to produce entire records. Post rock to acoustic to free form jazz all in 12 months - who knows. Should make live shows more interesting though, and should allow me to tour more frequently as well.

Stay tuned for more Matthew Good music news and an upcoming update to the NF Store!