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I Would Like To Share This Song With You

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that's the thing, this is the only song I know by them. i got this song from my sister something like 7 years ago when she came home from a year in Sweden. and the mp3 is something I converted from their music video on youtube.com and converted using vixy.net.



edit: hold up. their album was released on Epic, so I guess it wouldn't be that hard to find. It's not on iTunes though.



Album Notes

Soft-pop purveyors Motorhomes' introductory release, "SONGS FOR ME (AND MY BABY)", met with popular critical acclaim, drawing favorable comparisons to folk artist Nick Drake.



and I just bought the album off of ebay. pretty cheap too ($7)


Product Description

Swedish five-piece Motorhomes quietly made their debut early 2002 with a support slot on Shed Seven's 'greatest hits' tour. Since then, they have slowly gained momentum, with their well-received debut single 'Its Alright,' a support tour with JJ72, & culminating in an appearance at the 2002 Glastonbury Festival on the New Bands stage. Pedar Claesson, Peter Mogenson, Adam Starck, Daniel Skaar & Mattias Edlund, who make up the Motorhomes, have been described as having 'boy-band good looks' but their music couldn't be further from the sappy dross normally manufactured by those who posses such features. Rather, the Motorhomes specialize in melancholic guitar pop that's heavy on the melodies. It hasn't escaped notice that their debut album 'Songs For Me (& My Baby) seems to be haunted by the ghost of tortured genius, Nick Drake. Epic. 1999.

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