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Is Abortion Right or Wrong?  

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  1. 1. Is Abortion Right or Wrong?

    • Right all the time
    • Wrong all the time
    • Right in cases of rape or incest

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here comes a huge rant. i feel passionatly about this issue and there is no way i would ever, under any circumstances, have an abortion.



Like I said, it's my opinion. It's all well and good that you, yourself, would not have an abortion. I support your decision if that is what you believe is right for yourself. You have different morals, and I can respect that, but I would never allow that to interfere with my own decisions.



first, i must stress that as soon as the fetus starts growing (when egg and sperm meet) you have made a person. it is no longer your body. you have almost been asked to babysit for 9 months and make sure the child doesn't get hurt.



Again, all of this is your opinion. It is good that you have a firm set of beliefs for yourself, but I do not believe that an unthinking lump of tissue in my uterus is more important than my health. You call it a baby, I call it tissue. To me, it's still my body. I would not give anyone the right to make laws about what I can and cannot do to it.



it is not necessary for women. there are plenty of options. and as for costs, in canada we have a good health care program. other countries don't have it so great, but giving birth is going to happen whether or not you have the money to pay for it and governments do understand this.



It is not necessary for you. If I want to finish high school, it would be necessary for me to have an abortion. Again, I support your decision to carry the child if you stumble or deliberately plop yourself down in that situation, but your life does not apply to mine. As for those other options, they're covered in my post above.



i also stress that if you are not willing to become pregnant, do not have sex. that may seem difficult to do for some, but you can't jump into things assuming that you will be able to escape consequence-free. and if you are in a healthy sexually active relationship, you won't have to be a 'single mother' persay. if you'redating someone whos gonna skip town when you see the test is positive, hes not mature enough to be having sex with.



Again, all of this might apply to you. Personally, I find the "only have sex if you are willing to get pregnant" idea absurd. I am of the "It is my body and I'll do what I want with it" crowd. Contraception was created for a reason. Yes, it is not fool-proof. However, it is very effective in most cases. It is my belief that abortion clinics should be open to those who fell into that __% margin of error.



adoption is hard to do. but ultamitely, the mother must do whats best for the child. they have load sof pre and post birth guidance programs to help make these type of decisions.



However, it is my belief that the woman's welfare comes before the child's. This especially applies, in my opinion, to teen pregancies.



just think about that baby you aborted.



What if I don't believe I've aborted a baby? What if it is my belief that I have just had an unwanted piece of tissue removed from an organ?



you may have killed the next prime minister. and he/she could have been a decent one too! this might not mean much to many people here, but what would have happened if mary had aborted Jesus?



Then someone else of that era would have gotten famous for the same reasons he did, and we'd be calling Jimmy or Herman or Albert the Lord instead of Jesus. Or maybe not. Maybe we'd still be running around like barbarians sellings our daughters into slavery and stoning people to death for being prostitutes - oh wait, that's still going on. But it wouldn't really matter, because we wouldn't even be having this conversation.



there is no way someone can add 'baby murderer' to their life resumes and consider themselves better off. so many women will get to the point where they want to bear children and deeply regret aborting earlier pregnanies.



I don't consider abortion murder. But I do know several women who have had abortions, and they tell me their lives are better because of it. If they'd had those children at the time, their lives would not have been as good as they are now. A few of these women have children now. None of them tell me they regret their abortions.


It is likely that there are women who do regret having abortions. But for the women who truly believe it improved or even saved their lives, I do not see how it is good to take away their rights.


or if mrs. lennon had aborted john? it might not seem like a big deal btu taking a life is taking life, whether they be 3 weeks old or 30 years old.



If John Lennon's mother's health or general well-being was at risk because of her pregnancy, I would have supported her decision to have an abortion. I'm not a fan of these hypothetical situation things, because they seem so irrelevant. So history would have taken a different course, and we'd be in a different place today. We wouldn't even be having this discussion.





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Is fetus is human just like my spleen is human. It just isn't a person.


By denying an abortion to a woman, she no longer has the rights to control her own body and is, in essence, a slave to the pregnancy.


Adoption is not always a great way to go. There are upwards of 80 million orphans on adoption lists world wide. There's no shortage, unfortunatly. Why decrease the odds of a child - who already is a person - getting a chance at life as opposed to placing a potential person above them?


When 96% of abortions are carried out, they occur when the fetus hasn't even developed what pro-lifers would call a mind of its own, in the first 12 weeks. How can there be living person without a brain? It's not until week 24 that the fetus starts to develop the right 'tools' to feel pain. That's 6 months into the pregnancy, or 66%.


Many times, the pregnancy causes serious health risks to the mother and the fetus must be aborted to save at least one life.


BTW, I only included incest with the rape part because that's the way it's voted on (legal only in cases of rape or incest). I admit, it's bad wording.

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