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For Sale: Radiohead, Nin, Apc, Tool Vinyl/salival

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Radiohead – In Rainbows Discbox: $80


NIN – Things Falling Apart Vinyl: $10


APC – Thirteenth Step Vinyl: $15


Tool – Undertow Vinyl: $10


Tool – Opiate Vinyl: $10


Tool – Lateralus Picture Disc Vinyl: $40 (small tear on package, hard to see)


Tool – Salival VHS: $50


Or Everything For $150


I'm in the GTA area and occasionaly London ON, I can deliver...for an extra $1.50...I LIKE TO DRIVE AND DRINK COFFEE AT THE SAME TIME.


but seriously, just buy this shit

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i want the tool records, but i can buy them new for just a little bit more, and i can find lateralus for like $35. plus, by the time i paid you shipping from canada, it wouldn't even be worth it.

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