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I am a pretty large Beatles fan, ever since i was a kid. My mother was born and raised in Liverpool, probably has something to do with it. Would be played their tunes from an early age while on the other hand my father would be having me listen to Dylan, a lot. So my question, since I don't think i've seen it asked on here...


what are your favourite songs the beatles ever recorded? List as many as you want


favourite album(s) as well? and why?

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"Something" which is quite possibly the greatest song Harrison ever wrote. I associate it with my ex-fiance, the mother of my son. It was her mom's favorite beatles song too. It just makes me think of how beautiful she was when she was pregnant.


"A Day In The Life" is my all time favorite beatles song...it's just such and amazing song from start to finish. It's an incredible example of the Lennon/McCartney collaboration. There's something about the lyrics that draw you in.


"In My Life" just an incredible composition, I have always been touched by it. It's just pure musical beauty


I just don't have a favorite beatles album, I love them all equally.

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Favorite Album: Abbey Road


The Reason the whole 2nd half to the Disc, splicing songs together in one seamless segue


2nd Reason: The lyrics to Golden Slumbers


Favorite Song overall: Dear Prudence. I find that it is one of John's best songs, and the vocals in the round part are really beautiful.

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the drumming is great on Dear Prudence... and it was done by Paul!


My favourite album is Rubber Soul. The perfect transition album, when their songwriting really started to shine. It's the perfect pop album. Though, Abbey Road is very close to me. It's perfect as well (as many of their albums are). Basically for the same reasons you mentioned. They all came back together as a 4 piece and made a brilliant record. The second half is just incredible, how they made put it all together.


Favourite songs:

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

Strawberry Fields Forever (take 1)

Run For Your Life

Oh Darling!

Get Back

Dear Prudence

I Don't Want to Spoil the Party

Ballad of John & Yoko

Lovely Rita


those are off the top of my head. the only songs i don't enjoy much are Hello Goodbye and Yellow Sub.

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