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Help Mg Write The Music He Wants To

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In a very recent blog, MG complained that he can't afford to write the kind of music he wants to because he can't afford to add all the instruments he needs.


My take on this is that it's a crime against music. MG isn't a random rock musician, the guy is creating art.


Sometimes artists need benefactors. Pure commercial revenue doesn't do it.


I'm writing this to see if anyone else would be interested in making donations (directly to MG) so that he can create the kind of album that's in his head.


If this is a stupid idea, I'll drop it. But if enough folks are interested (please show your interest by responding to this thread), I'll organize something to make it happen.

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It's a stupid idea because it's going to require thousands of dollars.


And I highly doubt that Matt would even consider accepting such donations.

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