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Mgb T-Shirts, Print Goods & Cds Circa 2000/01

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Nothing hugely exciting, but I thought I'd see if anyone was interested. Haven't listed prices because any reasonable offer will be weighed against my lingering sentimentality/hoarding tendencies.


T-Shirts - Never worn. Likely never tried on.
Can't Be Killed by Conventional Weapons US Tour Shirt, Navy Blue, XL
Gun to Head/"you can't run" T-Shirt, Navy Blue, L

CDs - Like new (plastic cases may have wear)
Band-Signed Loser Anthems, Orange (Front of disc has a scuff / #34989)
Loser Anthems, Orange (Sealed, #12693)
Audio of Being with limited ed. lyric book & sleeve, white cover
Hello Time Bomb Australian Promo (5-track)
Hello Time Bomb US Promo Single (2-track)
Beautiful Midnight (US)

Print Items
MG signed Chart Magazine, Nov 2001/#131
Audio of Being sticker, 4x6"
4 x Blue "-mgb-" stickers, 2.25x5.75" (US promo I think)
Black Market Surgery - I seem to remember there is a rare version and that this is not it.
"The Night Opus & The Commoner's Guid to Suicide" publisher issued 'companion' booklet to the first printing of At Last There is Nothing Left to Say

Posters - I don't remember which ones, condition will vary, but if anyone is interested I can dig them out and photograph them.


I also have a handful of old magazines, circa 2000-2001 (mostly Chart) that mention or feature MGB. Free if you come get them, or cost of postage.


In other news, I have:

Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm (3-track, light wear, case poor)

Silverchair - Ana's Song (3-track, exc cond)

Big Wreck - The Oaf (2-track, new cond)



Located in Edmonton. Postage extra. Photos available by request.



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Photos for reference.


Prescription 2000 Tour Shirt, XL


Lyric Shirt, L


Beautiful Midnight 24x30", significant edge damage



Tour 18x24", corner wear top right



Kappa 16x20", two copies, one has corner wear top left



Chart Mag & Stickers (1xAoB, 4xblue)







(Black Market Surgery sale pending.)

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Band-Signed Loser Anthems, Orange (Front of disc has a scuff / #34989):

I was just wondering when and where this CD was signed and if the scuff will prevent the CD from playing properly (ie. I don't like when a CD skips).


edit:  You can buy a new one on amazon.ca for CDN$ 59.99 + CDN$ 3.49 shipping. Maybe I'll get that one.

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The signed Loser Anthems was won from Universal, and came to me in the exact condition it is in. The scuff is on the front/top of the disc near the edge and would not affect playback in any way. I have never removed the disc from the case because I have my own copy (and a sealed spare). I could take a picture of it if you were interested.


Google suggests there are standard copies around for much less than $60...

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CDs - Like new (plastic cases may have wear)

Band-Signed Loser Anthems, Orange (Front of disc has a scuff / #34989)


Love it. Thanks for the smooth transaction, rainy!

I've never seen Dave, Ian, and Rich's signatures up close before.

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When I was a teenager, I wore a t-shirt that said "Freezing Our Asses Off on the Devil Tour" almost every day. It said that on the back with tour dates and such and had a photo of the band on the front, I think Matt was wearing the ape/monkey mask. I'm not sure what year that would have been from and I have no clue what happened to it. :(

That sounds really cool. Same here. I wore shirts a lot bigger in the 90's, (hey it was the 90's), and i think tossed out one i wore all the time with a bunch of other oversized shirts.  Probably fit better now too lol.

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