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Guest Idioteque

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Guest Rhu8ar8Pi3
  • Toque (with Todd Kerns), Grey Cup Festival Outdoor Tailgate - Nov. 24.  I hope they play Rush's "Tom Sawyer". That would be epic!
  • Half Moon Run - Jan. 17, 2020
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Guest Rhu8ar8Pi3

Cool!  I watched a March 2018 Youtube video of Toque playing "Tom Sawyer", and it's awesome. 


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March 28 - Limblifter (Bellaclava 20th anniversary tour)

April 3 - The Cybertronic Spree (they dress up like Transformers and cover a bunch of movie/videogame/TV show songs)

April 10/11 - Matthew Good

April 17 - Dan Mangan (Nice Nice, Very Nice 10th anniversary tour)

May 2 - Margaret Glaspy

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Currently on schedule:

April 1, 2020 -> Dec 8, 2020  - Matthew Good Cancelled
May 14, 2020, Nov 9, 2020 - Jimmy Eat World Cancelled
May 17, 2020 -> Feb 12, 2021 -> Sept 1, 2021  - Apocalyptica Refunded
July 4, 2020 -> Jan 23, 2021 -> Nov 13, 2021 Saints & Sinners Tour (Big Wreck, Moist, Headstones, The Tea Party, Sloan) Refunded

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updated sad listing :(
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