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How are you supporting your favourite artists these days?

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Anyone joined or already part of any patreons or bought more things off bandcamp or official stores?

i've done a few more bandcamp purchases than i probably normally would have.
(actors , red vienna, colleen brown, few others i forget currently)

and been part of Billy Pettinger (aka Billy The Kid)'s patreon forever now

I'm sure there are many more Patreon's i could be interested in, but i can only afford so much haha

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Matt made mention online about how Spotify's tip jar  isn't really beneficial to the artists.  I've always been leery of things that don't go directly to the artist.

Social Media is funny because now I see a ton of females starting these "only fans" sites where they are making money.  What about the guys that are struggling though?  Unless you buy directly from them how much $$ do they really see?  You have to figure people are running websites and they get a cut, how much of that $25 shirt plus shipping does Matt really see?

One of the reasons why touring has always been the true bread and butter for artists I imagine 

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Although I subscribe to Apple Music to discover bands, I still do purchase albums on iTunes. Thing to remember, streaming just gives you access to the songs. These songs can be removed at any time. Purchasing music on iTunes, you have a copy.

I have also signed up for Jeff Martin’s Patreon.

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Rivers Cuomo was doing zoom sessions where he'd play covers and rare songs.  He still sort of does them once a week but not at the frequency he was before.   Stephen Jenkins from third eye blind was doing something like that as well. Surprised more artists aren't to be honest.


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Buying merchandise directly from the band’s website. I just ordered a few shirts from The Smashing Pumpkins online store. 

I'm surprised musicians like Matt Good don’t set up Patreon accounts to offer fans a way to pay/donate on an ongoing basis. 

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