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Did the Mblog, back in its heyday, inspire anyone here to start a blog of their own? I really wanted to try it (since I knew that everyone and their dog had one already), and discovered that A) it's really easy and B ) there are lots of sites out there willing to host you.


I dislike most of the blogs out there that are all "oh, my boyfriend is such an ass", or "today i'm feeling...cautious/hungry/playful". Mine is very much modeled on Mr. Good's - something I'm not ashamed to admit. Has anyone else started a Blog of their own after discovering how good they Could be, or if not, what is your opinion of bloggers?



(Apologies if this thread is in the wrong spot. My blog link is below. Mblog fans, don't bother to call me unoriginal - thats one of the most unoriginal things you could say.)

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Have you ever used Livejournal? I find it to be great, but everyone seems to love BlogSpot. What is the difference, i wonder?

Blogger is much easier, and cleaner than Live Journal I find.


It looks all around nicer and more professional.


Plus LJ has that kind of 'tennie-bopper' reputation

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