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I saw the pilot last night. This show is awesome!





The entire pilot episode is up on that website (the link off that site doesnt seem to work, use the one below right to the video - copy and paste the location into windows media). http://www.thecomedynetwork.ca/Programs/St...ull_credits.wmv


Fuckin hilarious. Watch the whole thing.

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Not yet. Today they had more homoeroticism than in previous episodes. Michael Ian Black stood up and had a belly top and a naval jewell thing on. Then he stood rather sex-ily and rested his hands on the waste line of his pants, revealing an intense tan line. So maybe the show will get closer to dildos as the season goes on. But I'd like to direct people who like the show or sketches to this.

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do they really?





i wanted to be his first...

well, no promises with that. he is afterall a jewish man-stud and this is probably the reason why you are attracted to him in the first place. so i think of it as, the more experience he has, the better for lauren? right? right. anywho, im going to try and record the show.

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it's true. there was only 1 season made, right? i have all of them on my lappy.

one season for the show but they have a lot of shorts that are from their early years together.


also, i didnt record showalter's standup. i left my mp3 player at home by accident. sorry to let you and any others down.

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