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mopey mumble-mouse

(i Can't Get No) Hello Time Bomb

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does the re-interpretation of Hello Time Bomb on In A Coma remind anybody else of Cat Power's similar reworking of (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction? Both slow the songs down, make them acoustic and mournful, and drop the "Rocking" chorus.


just wondering.


Cat Power are amazing by da by. check them out.


I'm so sad Matt never got to play here in St. John's last year. the organizers of the Hallowe'en Mardi Gras are fucking morons for not having a backup plan. RRRRRRRRrrrrrrrraaaarrrggh! which means if Matt DOES come here again, he'll probably play at that shithole Mile One Stadium and it'll cost three-to-five times as much. ugh.


i shivered in the rain for hours hoping the show would still go ahead back a year ago. GOD.


sorry, talking to myself now. goodnight.



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