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Canadian Music Creators Coalition

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Im not sure if this had been a thread before, but I think it wouldnt be cause its recent. If it has Im sorry.


The following link will take you to an article by Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies about the anadian Music Creators Coalition and its aims and supporters. Its worth the read.


Canadian Music Creators Coalition Article

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"First, we believe that suing our fans is destructive and hypocritical."


"we strongly believe that cultural policy should support actual Canadian artists."




Those were the two things that stood out in my mind and that gave me the most respect for the artists that support this initiative

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I think it's about time...in the past, there seems to have been 2 sides:


Side A) The industry and big top artists/bands (Metallica)

Side B) Indie and small artists/bands


It's nice to see that the lines have merged, but the sides can still be defined:


Side A) Greedy industry people & artists/bands that swim in money and live in a dream world

Side B) Indie/small artists/bands and people that live in reality




I think the biggest factor in Side A turning into Side B is the success of so many indie bands based on illegal downloading/bootlegs.


I know you're all gonna hate this example, but if you look at Hedley...they were incredibly successful in BC & Alberta based on touring around, giving their music for free on their website and allowing bootlegs/videos at all of their shows. They grew for 2 years before he "sold out" and went on Idol to gain cross-Canada fame.


Other than MG & Hedley I haven't bought a CD since at least '00. Mostly because I looked at my collection and how many albums I bought for 1 or 2 songs (that the rest of the CD blew chunks). So I figured why not download the 1 or 2 songs I like and if the rest are good, then I'll contribute to their CD sales.


Which is what the industry is finally realizing...if the quality is there when people are downloading, they'll buy the CD eventually (or the next one if they're not inclined since they have all of album 1 dl'd).

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Tonite at the OLP show at the JLC in London Raine spoke out about the CMCC. He fully supports it and what it stands for and he went on a mission tonite to find someone that could record the show, specifically a new song and share it right away.


Three cheers for Canadian Artists.

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Guest apsham

Has Matt said anything about this yet? Or is he too jaded about this stuff to really say anything about it?

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