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Words From Images

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I don't know if anyone remembers, unfortunately I can't find it right now, but there was a wallpaper of Matthew Good made with the words from Avalanche (the record not just the song) and it formed Matt's face and it said "Matthew Good a man of his words" or something along those lines.


I was wondering how do you create such a thing? Like an image made from words?

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Yeah or is there a generator of some sort, if you guys saw the wallpaper, you'd understand, you could see a colored picture from far and words from close

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Yeah I'm sure it's a generator...I hope...but you know that picture of soldiers that make up Bush's face, it's the same principle I guess...


I got that from The Metro 3 years ago and backed up my computer so, I still have it on disc.


And Jarrod, if you're on Firefox, it doesn't like pictures for some reason, try downloading it (save target as) or viewing it on IE.


If Anton's ok with it, I could send it to him and he can post it in the Wallpaper section...I may have some more goodies to post either on the store or the wallpaper section, I'll have to check.


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