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I Know Others Here Watch Kenny Vs. Spenny

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<3 Kenny Vs. Spenny.


Now that it's on Showcase though, I've found that they seem to be amping up to almost ridiculous proportions.


Drugging Spenny with LSD? That was almost hard to watch O.o


The teabagging was also kinda groady >.>


Anyone else think that when Matt Good's having one of his scrubbier days, he looks a lot like Kenny? XD

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you once shared that theory with me. I agreed to an extent.

KvsS is amazing. Spenny is a retard though. he is CONSTANTLY falling for shit that he shouldn't be. I still feel bad for him when he met that nice chick and thought Kenny put her up to it so he told her to fuck off.

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I found the second season the perfect balance for the show. The first was too tame, and you could tell they were holding back. The second had great competitions, and I found it extremely entertaining. I've found this season went too far, and many of the competitions are just worthless. It's not looking like it's going to get any better either, with a haunted house competition airing in a few weeks.

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