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Fredericton Show

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What an awesome show... I'll do another post tomorrow about it with setlists and stuff, but a few highlights right now...


Him demonstrating why he couldn't play 'Weapon' which means he actually played part of it...

The song he was singing about Wal-Mart

Slip'n'slide and the guy who went "I pissed in my cup!!!"


My mum took lots of pictures and also got a video of Fated and Matt talking about how he used to steal shoes (I think she got a video of that anyways)...

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Setlist time..



Metal Airplanes

Born Losers

Silent Army In The Trees/Black Helicopter

Empty Road

She's In It For The Money

Load Me Up

Strange Days

Generation X-Wing


In A world Called Catastrophe

I'm A Window

99% Of Us Is Failure




North American For Life

Champions Of Nothing


True Love Will Find You In The End



All in all, it was a really good time.. The banter was really awesome.


I'll get the videos up at some point and I'll be sure to post them...


And Dala were really good too.. I don't usually like that type of music that much but they were great...

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Him demonstrating why he couldn't play 'Weapon' which means he actually played part of it...

what was his reason? i'm curious. there was a guy on here (notfromoklahoma) that posted an acoustic cover of weapon he did, and, aside from his voice not really suiting the song, it sound just fine. he should send a copy to mr. good.

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He said it was coz he could either do what the bass does or do what the guitar does... I play Weapon on my acoustic too sometimes and I don't really find any problems with it...


But it was so sweet sitting there with Matt playing bits from it... Everyone was cheering...

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I have a video of 'Fated' that I might be able to get the audio up for at some point (I have to go to my aunts to upload the videos)


I know there was a lot of people video recording it though, so hopefully some stuff will show up soon...

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If you could put up that video of Fated on YouTube, I would be really... really happy. My girlfriend never made it down to see the show in time, and we were crossing our fingers that he would play that. I put up a tiny little clip on YouTube for her... but is' only 16 seconds and the video is horrible. I got a tshirt for her, but I'd really love to have a video of it somehow.


Either way yes, I was in the front row, right seating section with my foot touching the stage... gave the extra ticket to one of my buddies and my father had a seat behind us... he got a video of one of the rants actually... and was the one who yelled out "ring a ling a ding" after Matt called his sound technician out onto the stage to refill his wine by doing the same. The Weapon thing... eh I could see him just being tired of playing it really, same thing he said about Prime Time Deliverance. It was a really great night and the acoustics in there were quite amazing. As much as I enjoyed Dala, I was anxious for them to get off the stage and for the show to start. Matt enjoyed it too apparently; he posted this


"Last night in Fredericton was fantastic

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Yep, I'm definitely planning on getting it up there, I just can't do it at my house (My internet sucks..)


HAHA man that was funny.. I was actually in the 4th row on the right side, My friend was the guy who shouted out "WHY NOT?!?!" whenever Matt said he wasn't going to throw whiskey at us... I was also the person who said "You probably think 'Did I leave the stove on?'" whenever he was talking about playing apparitions...


Actually I yelled out a lot of stuff but can't remember all of it... Oh man it was such a good time though, and it really sucks your Girlfriend couldn't make it though, because it was pretty spectacular

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Not yet... I dunno how long it'll be (I need to get around to compressing it too because it's 163 MB)


Got the audio from 'Fated' though if anyone wants it


[hide_me] http://www.box.net/shared/4pbucf4d5e [/hide_me]


Did anyone want the witty banter where he was talking about stealing shoes?


Also, I just checked the picture gallery and a bunch of shots my mum got are in it (as well as my picture of me and Matthew Good himself)

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i went, it was a sweet show. i even got to meet him lawl. i was the idiot who yelled out "So Long Mrs Smith."


which he didn't play.

Yeah, it was... The line up of people to see him wasn't actually that long... Which was weird...


I yelled out for Weapon whenever everyone else was... And the "So Long Mrs. Smith" part was funny..

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haha oh yeah.. were you in line to meet him? i was the fool skipped to the front, with the frankenstein-esque neck-brace..

Yeah, I was in line, I was sort of in the middle, but closer to the front...


Actually, how I got that far ahead in line was because there was a huge gap between a few people and I just stepped into it.. ;)

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Did anyone want the witty banter where he was talking about stealing shoes?

sorry to revive dead threads, but, could i have that?


i've done exactly what he described, i was surprised, because i didn't hear about it from anyone, i got the idea.. i got my $80 blender by doing that haha.

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He was in the process of saying "Welcome to the 2007 Fredericton swingers convention.. We'd like to welcome our newest member, Whoever's filming this."


My mom actually turned off her camera when he said to, I lol'ed.


I'll try and get the video of 'Fated' up on Youtube tomorrow, If I can remember. I kept meaning to do it, but then I kept forgetting...




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