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The Next Star Trek Show

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i don't know if there are any plans in the near future to start up another star trek television franchise, but i was recently browsing through io9 and came upon this article, which i thought was pretty interesting.





i'm not sure if wil wheaton could carry a show by himself, but i like the idea of taking him and a smallish crew throughout space to solve mysteries and to explore the unknown. the blogger who wrote the article called it "like CSI in space" but i'd be gearing more towards "x-files in space". i think that'd be a cool twist for star trek, and i think wheaton would at least peak the interest of people who were fans of TNG but not realy anything afterwards (like me! ... but voyager was ok).

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yep this is exactly what star trek(and we the viewer need) a new star trek show with a few familiar faces, but going in a new, but familiar direction...exploring the outer reaches of home area. or even making a partial focus on federation law, blend the sci-fi with the law and order/csi kinda idea...you can throw a lot of previous people in the mix easily with this concept without it look like some lame attempt at ratings.


voyager was pretty blah for the most part..(some highlights but mostly boring characters and lame episodes) ds9 was solid when it wasn't about the stupid bajorans, and the bakula star trek was pretty brutal all around...


Man I'm loving this idea. Just get some good writers no anti climatic season long arcs or stupid standoffs you know the good guys will win and this could be the best show yet.

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