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Good rap is rare these days.


The only music I used to detest was rap and country (country still).


So this was the hook (along with Fort Minor) that got me into rap.


I guess "underground rap" is a much better genre than that gangsta shit.


Immortal Technique has harsh rapping and often offensive lyrics. But the lyrics are meaningful.


For example: Dancing With the Devil, is the most horrible song I have ever heard :/ (



Notable songs:


Revolutionary Vol. 1


The Poverty of Philosophy (this is almost like a lecture) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhjfg_5cMc8

Dancing with the Devil

Positive Balance


Revolutionary Vol. 2


The Point of No Return

Crossing the Boundary

Industrial Revolution

You Never Know

Homeland and Hip-Hop

The Cause of Death


The 3rd World


Death March

Hollywood Driveby

Reverse Pimpology

Crimes of the Heart

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