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If You Were To Introduce An American Friend To Matthew Good What Song Would You Show Them First?

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I'd say Old Fighters is a good way to start. The songs on it are a good representation of MG's whole career (do date).


The thing with MG is that, although it's better that way for the listeners, you can't find one archetypical Matthew Good record. Because each record sounds different.


With the songs on Old Fighters, you have a good idea of everything he does/did, from the more rockish songs to the more orchestral ones and everything in between. The only thing is you have to add Non Populus to the list because it's too good.


Strange Days
In A World Called Catastrophe
Apparitions (Live)
Load Me Up (Live)
Born Losers
Last Parade
Zero Orchestra
The Future Is X-Rated
21st Century Living
While We Were Hunting Rabbits

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Probably just Rico and Anti-Pop.


edit: ok honest answer, Old Fighters is pretty good but I'd take out the live songs and replace them with the studio versions. I'd also take out Zero Orchestra and put Had It Coming, and swap out In A World Called Catastrophe for Shallows Low. Last thing, if at all possible I would squeeze Great Whales of the Sea on there.


If I had to choose just ONE song, fuck I don't know. Given the current trends in rock music I'd say Strange Days holds up well. 

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I guess it would depend on the person, if I knew anything of their taste or not.


I think Weapon, Last Parade, Rabbits, and Giant are pretty good contenders to start with. Maybe something off Arrows.


FWIW, I'm american and I fell for Failing the Rorscach Test and Suburbia. Oh and Born to Kill.

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Giant, Suburbia, Truffled Pigs, and Born Losers have been the ones that seem to stick out for my friends when they first hear them. The kind of tracks that you stick on a playlist or mix cd and they double back to ask you where you found it.

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