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Guest Idioteque

Matthew Good Q&a

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Guest Idioteque

There will be a Q&A with Matt through his Facebook page on Sept 8th. If you'd like to participate, submit a question below

(On http://www.matthewgood.org/news) and on Sept 8th a video response from Matt will be posted to Facebook. Please submit your question(s) before Tues, Sept 8th at 10am EST.




^^^^^ COOL. Let's get some questions going.

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Guest Idioteque

These are my questions that I just finished.


#1.If you had a time machine & could go back to circa 1996, what career advice or warning would you give the 25 year old Matthew Good walking home from GM Place right after opening for The Who.


#2.If you could put together a dream lineup of (living or non-living) musicians, who would they be & what would they play.



#3.Rank your top 3 favorite/least favorite albums out of your entire catalog (solo & band). Reasons why would also be appreciated.

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1.  Do you have any US tour plans with a full band coming up?

2.  When you look back at the MGB era what do you think of and how do you feel about it?

3.  Would you ever have a one time MGB reunion with Ian, Rich, and Dave?

4.  Will you ever release a concert DVD?


Thanks and look foward to the new album!

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Guest Idioteque

Matt has always said a reunion is pointless without Geoff Lloyd, but it would be cool nonetheless.
You reminded me that I should have asked if he would ever release a documentary, if anybody can't think of questions you should ask that. 

Probably want to post the questions on the form on his blog. No guarantee he'll take the ones just from The Bored.

Yeah, if anybody got confused it's on matthewgood.org <
But it's nice to review eachothers questions.

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I should have asked about the Hellcat.  I was wondering the same thing as whoever asked that question.


My question did make it in.  I asked if he could describe the meaning behind any of the new songs.  I just find that it interesting to hear a song, and know what the artist was thinking when they created it.  Sometimes there's no meaning, and that's perfectly fine with me.  


I thought it was an alright question, but maybe Matt didn't share the same sentiment.


Tony, he might have somewhat answered your question indirectly when he said that he doesn't like 90% of his older material when he looks back at it.

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