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get an acoustic. it'll make your fingers stronger, and $400 could get you a nice acoustic without an eq.


i recommend seagulls. the s7 is a great beginner guitar.

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The materials difference is usually in the type, not the gloss. The Yamaha has a solid sound board material, the Squire uses a laminate. The Yamaha will probably ring louder, and purer.


As suggested, test play them, that is, if you know some basic chords. That will show you which feels best in your hand, and which plays well to your style.


As for strings, Steel strings have a louder, brighter sound, where as nylon has a muted softer sound. This is a style thing. As a side note, with steel strings, you could put a pick-up on the guitar that is an actual string pick up, and not a microphone. You can only put mic pick-ups on nylon.


In the end, it is personal preference.



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I say you get the one that you like best. Play them bolth and just go with the one that you like

I agree. I just bought a new guitar and the moment I picked it up and held it I just knew it was the one. You have to trust your instict on this kind of thing, but it also helps if you have bit of knowledge which it sounds like you do)

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