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Does anyone know why White Light is not on Vinyl

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I think probably because the record company wanted to release the more popular and likely to sell albums.  The first batch gave us:

Ghetto, Raygun, Underdogs, Beautiful Midnight and Hospital Music

While the second had: 

Loser Anthems/Lo-Fi, Audio of Being and Avalanche

I was really disappointed when I saw the second batch because it kinda cleared up all the essentials and it seemed to me made a third batch far less likely.  The most unfortunate part being that WLRRR wound up becoming the only official studio MG release to not have a vinyl release.  And sadly it likely never will.  

I know many missed out on Vancouver, Lights and Arrows...but at least they are out there if you are willing to pay for them.  Matt has never done a Record Store Day release before, WLRRR might be a suitable candidate for one. 


That said Im so thankful we got what we did.  It was truly a pinch me kind of moment to go into a record store and pick up those titles on vinyl because I thought maybe it wouldn't ever happen.  And to get some pretty obscure things like the 3 EP's was beyond unexpected and very cool.  I mean at one point Matt suggested walking down the street naked holding a sign that said "Lo-Fi B-Sides" as a suitable way to get a copy of the impossible to find CD. So to now have a version of it on vinyl is a bit surreal and something Im certainly thankful for.

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