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Bala Show, Tonight (Saturday)

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Anyone here coming out to the show tonight at the Kee to Bala, in Bala, Ontario?

I'm gonna be there, in fact I'm going to be stranded there as I am currently without ride back to Bracebridge (pssst, if you know anyone going to Bracebridge, let me know!)


Anyway, I will let you all hear about it tomorrow, but if anyone is there, look out for me. I'm short with auburn hair and black-rim glasses. I'll be wearing a black matt good t-shirt and a bright pink puka-shell type necklace, jeans and a white studded belt.


I'm sure tonight will be great, but I don't think it can beat my first Matt Good experience, which was two years ago at the same venue. My first concert, and I met him before he left for soundcheck. (showing up four hours early pays off sometimes!)


See ya!

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Yeah, I was there. It was amazing.


Except for one thing: he didn't play Buffalo Seven or We're so Heavy from WLRRR (those are probably in my top 5 on the album).


But it was still amazing. I'm glad he played Weapon, that was just stellar. Would like to have heard Near Fantastica or another track from Avalanche though.

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Apparently, yeah. Because on the mainpage the encore matched the encore at my show, perfectly.


However, the Bala show setlist differed from the one on the main page because they opened with Blue Skies Over Badlands, which was really awesome, actually. I expected Put Out Your Lights because it's usually a more rocking opener, but nope...

And I was pleasantly surprised. It was really cool cause everyone came out one at a time, kind of like they would if they were closing with a song like that.

Very cool.

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