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I'll have to look for that. Kid A is such a great album.


First time I heard Kid A I was walking through the city at night on my way home buzzing on E (stupid dealer was late then the party was cancelled early grr - uh.. but I don't do that anymore, drugs are bad mmmkay?)


Anyways it was just starting to kick in when everyone was kicked out. I had my discman with me but was sick of what I had in it at the time, so I begged my friend to lend me something (since she was kicking me out anyways) and she gave me Kid A.


The music and the atmosphere as I walked home was amazing, everything was just perfect (though that was probably because of the drug ;)).


I was worried that the next time I listed to it, it wouldn't be as good, but it was. It just is a phenominal album.


Then there was the time I took mushrooms and sat in a forest for 2 hours with Treefingers on repeat... *cough* Yeah, that's enough out of me for now...

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