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Jimmy Eat World - Futures

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I really do love the Jimmy Eat World catalogue, but let me tell you the new cd is absolutely spectacular. It just may bump The Killers out of my favorite cd for 2004's year end list.


I think the Clarity fans who were put off by the popiness of Bleed American will like this cd a bit more. If you get the cd, make sure to get the deluxe digipak version with cd 2 featuring the demos of all the songs on the album. I wasn't expecting the album to be this good.


What do you other JEW fans think of the disc?

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I bought it last week, i think it kicks ass.. a couple of my friends describe "futures" as a mix between clarity and bleed american... they may not be the most exciting band out there.. but this disc boasts great lyrics and song structure, got some mellow and hard.. it is definatley interesting, and in my opinion well worth the 12.99 at future shop.

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Oooh I bought that CD a while ago...I listen to it all the time, it's definitely their best yet. I really like 'Kill' and 'Nothingwrong'...actually I like all of them. They deserve a lot more credit than they get, they actually had some deep comments on this album.

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