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Band Break Up

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Gone are the days of Matthew Good Band [Great days they were]. But the end of those days were inevitable. Matt's music has gone to a different level.

This new level is not necessarily better or worse, just different. His music has transformed into something that stands out when compared to his older music. Personally, my favourite song "Load Me Up" is found when the band was together, but my least favourite songs of his are also found in the old albums. But overall, i think his new music is consistently "GOOD".

I look forward to his future and admire his past.

I would like to hear some of your comments ;)

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I liked the band a bit more when it was an actual Band (MGB), Matt is good and he writes all the shit but now he's gotten a bit to mellow imho. He's still cool though. I like how he puts in the VSO heh.



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I think that is why i like his new music... kind of mellow. The use of the VSO is indeed cool, not too many musicians use that scheme. When i want to get hyped up, for sure i listen to MGB. But sometimes you dont wanna listen to the hard music... and then matt's new songs will chill you out.

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Do all the songs in BM make you think that?

The only song i can think of that might do that is "the future is x-rated"

Other than that i thought BM was pretty decent/clean disc .

Never heard someone say that before.

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Dave produces, Ian was in Alarmbell but got booted, and has some other bands he does stuff with. I know he drumemd with Zigmund... i dunno anymore. He has some other project too.


Rich of course still with Matt.



Part of the badn problem was Dave was a huge stoner, and got Ian into it....

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