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Does Anyone Know

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Does anyone happen to know what guitar pedals (effects) matt tends to use. The Put out your lights tour seemed to be pretty straight forward. He wasnt using every effect under the sun. I have a feeling he uses some kind of overdrive pedal or something but im not sure.


Can anyone help me out with this??



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I dont think for myself a rec player that im going to spend 3500 beans on a guitar. Dont get me wrong a 335 would be sweet. I would like to buy one and maybe one day when im old and own my house and have more money then i know what to do with i will, but not right now thats forsure.

The Dot will have to do. Ive heard if you buy some 57' classic pickups it sounds alot better and its alot cheaper.

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I've played a few that have been gutted and set up, but they still don't come close. I recorded an album last year and was using a friends Les Paul Studio and he brought over his Epiphone one day for me to try out as well. I played it for a bit then gave it back to him. LOL. But you're right though in the fact that it really just depends on what you're playing. They are decent guitars to start out on, or if you're a guy who just likes to jam out, but if you're playing long enough and are serious about it, you'll quickly learn the differences in tones and playability (Is that a word?) and will want to upgrade. But having a great guitar doesn't always mean spending $3000. I love the 335's, but I'm a strat. guy and top of the line American strats are affordable at less then half the price of a 335. Tele's are great as well. If you live in a big city, check your pawn shops weekly. Beauty scores are easy to find there. Dumb people sell great gear cheaply on a daily basis. A friend of mine picked up a '76 Fender Mustang for $800 in Toronto a few years. Those scores are out there. You just have to dig a little. Another good trick is to make friends with the guitar guy at your local music stores. If they like you and see that you are willing to spend money in their store, then they will give you discounts and trade ins on the gear that you have. My guy gives me anywheres from 15-30% on every purchase. I lucked out and made a great friend, but this doesn't happen every where. Be nice and friendly and talk gear. Those guys are all gear heads and love to talk shop. Sorry, that got a little long. Anyways, point being, there are great deals on great gear out there. Happy hunting. Cheers.


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