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loser anthems

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you are huh??? ....lol ...so.. how'd you get to put all of this together anyway... the bored...nf... etc.. it really is amazing.


..oh.. i do know that that was on the cd... i was just joking about you being naughty... but, i'm sure you are anyway... ;)

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off topic: lol. well a bit of boredom got NF together. had a free domain credit so I picked up nearfantastica.com, then it just all came together. the bored came online, dan was the first member to join and well my good buddy so ofcourse I invited him to join the staff. then kat (guitarchick) found me and I invited her to join the staff a few weeks later. everything on NF is coded from scratch except for the bored heh and if you're interested we've got a new version of the site coming soon.


back on to loser anthems... I really liked flashdance II... the piano part at the end sounded like it should've been on avalanche heh. but yes just plain funny stuff on that disc and yes I am a naughty monkey.

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