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I went to momma's house last week and found a box with my animorph books. I started rereading them. They are so hard to put down haha.


I downloaded this thing that has info on every book, 1-54 + the Megamorphs and the Chronicles, so i've been looking ahead. I lost interest in the series while the mid-thirties were being released, and i realize now how much i missed out!! The previews for the last 20 look amazing! i'm hoping i can order them through chapters because i want to get the 20 or so i'm missing...



Anyone else a big animorph loser?

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Hmmm well I was in like grade 3 when I was watching the show, so my perception on what was good and what was not was slightly askew. I'm sure if I watched it again now, I would crack up laughing at how stupid it is.....like I did with Goosebumps!

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