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no no.

i mean i know he doesnt like the idea of ppl trying to find them in stores and the fac ttheyre being sold for that matter.


but the fact this guy burnt this mp3s to disc and is trying to sell it. couldnt he take legal action? i know if you buy the tape its different but this.. this is just getting money for something you d/l for free.. not something you previously owned or are selling as a wholesaler.

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i'm going to respond to almost every post in this thread at once...


1. buy it.

2. if its not worth your time, its worth the dime.

3. he wouldnt say anything. he hates all of us.

4. yes, we all have.

5. as a matter of fact, he did previously own it. and why would matt ever take legal action on something to ridiculously purposless? plus 'legal action' is expensive.

6. no it isnt. the 200 copies were cassettes.


phew. my scroll wheel is sweating.

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