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i like music. if you're here, you probably like music too. recently i've come to notice something in the music i listen to. a motif. a theme mayhaps. i'm interested in your own thoughts on the matter, you listeners of music, you.


for some reason, the words "(a) long way down" are a popular lyric in canadian music. i have no idea why. but here's the proof. each of the following songs has that lyric somewhere in it:


matthew good - "a long way down"

sarah mclachlin - "ice cream"

gordon lightfoot - "daylight katy"

swollen members - "long way down"

alanis morissette - "mary jane"

sarah harmer - "greeting card aisle"

rufus wainwright - "barcelona"

leonard cohen - "dress rehearsal rag"

the trews - "tired of waiting"


i think jann arden might have it too but i don't recall what song since it's jann arden and i couldn't care less on any other occasion.


so, what do you think? is there a reason for it? or is it just an odd coincidence? are there any more artists i've missed?


this is the result of boredom and my willing to research music related topics but not ones that pertain to the several essays i have due at the end of the week ;).


thank you.

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hayden has a song called long way down.


it's a pretty common lyric. you could argue that a lot of bands use "i miss you" just as often, if not more.

that's a good point. i guess i just noticed it more when i saw that more than one canadian was doing it, so i made a bigger deal out of it than it is i guess.

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