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Decemberists Sign To Capitol Records

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"Having grown up seeing what major labels do in the early 90s, I was skeptical about it all along. I've been steeped in that mythology, Steve Albini essays and things like that. But the whole idea about selling out seems like such an antiquated notion. I don't just say that out of defensiveness. A lot has changed since Fugazi in the 90s. People have come to realize that that's a really difficult standard to maintain."


He continued, "The contract that we have with Capitol is peppered with the words 'band approval'. It's really as good a contract as we could hope for. If they do have a nefarious agenda, it's completely hidden on me."


Meloy added that the Decemberists will remain on Rough Trade in the UK, since Rough Trade is "pretty much the coolest label on the planet right now."



Well? Are they dirty corporate whores or do they just want the chance to pay off their bills?



edit: And I totally put this in the wrong forum, so if someone would kind enough to move it..

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Good on em.


Sellout is such a shit term. Sometimes you need to eat, and if you get a good contract you can maintain musical integrity and afford rent too!


Major label doesn't always = Good Charlotte.

It means more money for recording, more money for videos, and more money for SHOWS.


This is a good thing, methinks.

And really... is it gonna change how the Decemberists sound?


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Picaresque is an incredible album, in my opinion, the best of the year, and i doubt they'll follow it up with something as-good or better, but that's not because they're on a major label, that's because Picaresque was near-perfection, but all the indie-kids will blame the label.


I can't say i care, as long as the music is excellent. I know if i were offered any deal, i'd take it if i thought it would offer me any sort of security.

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