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Last Night

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i'm thinking i maybe dropped the ball.


not so much dropped the ball, but i dug a hole, dropped the ball in it, took a crap on it, then lit it on fire.


yeah, that sounds about right.


so...i went to the bar last night with my roommate. it was fun, ran into a lot of people i knew. good times had by all.



then this random attractive girl spilt her White Russian on me. she proceeded to apologize profously. i told her it was alright. she then grabbed a napkin and started rubbing my chest, my leg, and my crotch, still apologizing.


it was then she told me to come to the back of the bar with her cause she was looking for her friends. she found her friends, then she told me that i should come to this party with her after the bar closed.


fast forward a couple hours and i'm at home. not at the party. i'm laaaame. i'm too lame. i am the lamest of the lame.


i didn't go to the party cause i thought "who would i know there anyway? how would i get home in the morning?"


but...i have no regrets. its definetly going to be a story i tell for a while.

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My night wasn't much better. Went to a pub, got drunk there, was made fun of for looking 14 (which I laughed at because it's true). Went to Harveys right after for some delicious greasy burgers. Almost got into a fight with some "gangstas" that decided it would have been fun to call us a bunch of losers and such while in Harveys. That quickly fizzled out when we told them to go away and the managers were getting all pissed off. Ate delicious greasy burgers while having a good/drunken conversation with the Harveys staff. Went to see Kong, sobered up quickly, enjoyed it, went home.

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but...i have no regrets.  its definetly going to be a story i tell for a while.

Why? Nothing happened.

Exactly what I was thinking. I wouldn't even post it at any forums, lol.


Last night, I could've either studyed for my Finance Final (coming up in about an hour) or I could've helped out at a Casino Night for some organization for $40. I think I made the right decision... but I'll only know for sure once I sit down at the exam. I don't think my $40 will help me there.

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