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Grey's Anatomy - Code Black

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Woah. That was a good episode but umm yeah, there's no hospitals with an actual "code black" is there?


SPOILER (Highlight to View)
Code Black at their hospital means bomb/explosive in a body cavity.


What Meredith did at the end was really stupid.

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uh the hospital i work at has code black. i'm not sure if its black or green which means bomb. i dont have my nametag here (they print the codes on the back) so i cant be certain. i think its a system that most hospitals tend to adhere to, simply because its better than yelling "theres a bomb" over the intercom. no sense in making people scared.


p.s. that was a really good episode.

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Okay, I really enjoy Grey's Anatomy but I didn't like that episode.


Seriously, how would she get her hand in there without it being nudged and displaced and causing major issues? Plus, Meredith's character is WAY too tragic and whinny for her own good. I can't feel sorry for her at all.


P.S.-Katherine Heigl is hot.

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I would still make out with Katherine Heigl. Yum.


Crusader-i think code black refers to a bomb threat or bomb of any kind. I don't think it refers specifically to a body cavity! lol


And, yeah, we can move the patient no problem but as soon as dude is walking out with the bomb...kaboom. That was so predictable. Meredith should be SERIOUSLY injured from that blast (and the way her head hit the floor) but she's okay? hmmmm


I love the show but I think if this was season 4 or 5, that episode would be considered the "jump the shark" episode. But, since it's only season 2, it is labelled smart and fresh. Whatever.

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