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What Were Your Top 10 Of 05

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1. Serenity

2. Batman Begins

3. Sin City

4. The 40 Year Old Virgin

5. The Constant Gardener

6. Hustle & Flow

7. Revenge of the Sith

8. Wedding Crashers

9. King Kong

10. The Goblet of Fire


But I haven't seen a few movies I think might crack that list:

Crash, A History of Violence, Howl's Moving Castle

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in no particular order


Harry Potter 4

Batman Begins

The Matador

Sin City

Star Wars 3


The Island


Mr. Mrs Smith



I thought before it came out Jarhead would easily be one of the best war movies ever, but me being stupid didnt know what it was about fully, i thought it was a modern day Saving Private Ryan. WOW was i let down. id say worst highly anticipated film of the year.

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Guest apsham

Walk The Line

Wedding Crashers

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith


40 Year Old Virgin

Fun With Dick And Jane


Is all I can think about at the moment

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