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I was wondering if anyone knew a program i could get to transform an .avi file into a dvd file so i could watch it on my dvd player


lol i know random question but people on this board have come up with answers before to my stupid questions



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that covert dvd thing has this big watermark in the middle of it when you covert the avi to dvd

pirate the full version. most torrent sites should have either that one, or the previous version called divxtodvd


As for going the other direction, I've yet to have much success, but I haven't tried really hard.

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really i have nero 7 and i didn't know it could do that, any specific on how it can?


and dvd shrink i think can rip dvds

It's a program within Nero 7 (I have Premium)....Nero Vision Express...I think, can't remember right now and I don't have it in front of me because I"m at work.



a have a reverse question. What program will rip a DVD into a .avi file?



Try pirating Apollo DVD....great for ripping DVD to DVD, or just ripping it to a Video_TS folder. I personally use Apollo DVD and it kicks any other programs ass so far, I've tried the other two your talking about, and they don't measure up to Apollo.


Anyway enjoy, hope this helps.

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