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Lucky Number Slevin

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I just got back from seeing this movie and I have to say that I wasn't very impressed by it. It's full of good actors but it's weak on story. The marketing behind the movie plays up its twists and turns, but most of those are predictable and boring. I wanted this movie to be at least entertaining, but I was mostly bored while watching it.


Am I wrong? Are there any Slevin boosters out there who would like to inform me on all the movie's finer points? Or am I right, and Slevin was little more than a bland popcorn flick?

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I didn't expect anything from this movie to begin with. The trailer didn't interest me whatsoever. Of course it says there's lots of twists and turns, every commercial toots the movies horn. it's not gonna say, "ebert and roeper say this is a yawn"


I mean, it never appeared as anything other than a cheap thriller. You can tell by the title that the script was modelled after some accessible mystery novel. Even if you look at the cast it's pretty obvious it's just one of those generic movies that exist to keep actors busy. when was the last time you saw Bruce Willis or Morgan Freeman in a good movie?


with all that having been said, it's really not that bad if you take it for what it's worth. it's good for a couple laughs.

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You're not crazy. Sin City was good and so is Bruce Willis. He might do a lot of crappy movies (ie: Hostage, The Whole Ten Yards) but he has done a few solid flicks lately as well (ie: Sin City, 16 Blocks).

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Lucky slevin was great though. I loved the smart remarks like when Slevin walks in on his girl cheating and she is like "It was an accident" and then he was like "What, did you slip and fall?".

Smart? That's a really old joke.

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