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character assassination

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I don't even know Anton, but I write bad things about him all the time ;)


But that aside. You have a point. But I dunno what kind of debate this will be, since I think everybody will agree that Mr. Eng is an ass.



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here it is:


DO YOU KNOW how hard it is to save the world when you’re some snide, aging hipster whose popularity doesn’t extend much beyond the borders of Canada and precariously balances on the edge of a knife? Of course you don’t and most people don’t either, which is why it’s great we have Matt Good out there to clarify things for us. “Hey Matt, what should we care about?” “Check out my website.” “Hey Matt, how do I become as cool and embittered as you?” “Read my blog.” “Hey Matt, where can I buy your t-shirts, keychains and see pictures of you sitting on an escalator seemingly pretending to be homeless?” “Log on to my e-store.” “Hey Matt, how do you make the melding of arrogant wankery with intensely boring music look so effortless?” “Years of practice.” “Hey Matt, what would 12 year old, lefty, mainstream, pseudo-hippy girls listen to if you weren’t around?” “Ummmmmm… Jewel?” “Hey Matt, how much does it cost to be part of the solution and hear your message of unity in concert?” “$35.” “Hey Matt, does going to your show completely assuage my middle-class white-person guilt at being privileged via your completely bland and therefore palatable performance?” “Yes.” “Awesome. I’m so there after I pick up my venti mochaccino.




it not only attacks him but it attacks his fans grrrr:angry:



heres the link too: clicky

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