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Matt Good Should Just Make An Album On A 4 Track

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I think this is the general idea of the new album, raw, and underproduced.  I am sure it will be recorded digitally, however, due to Matts technology affliction.

"technology affliction" - ;)


(no offense intended) Something about that phrase makes me laugh, thanks

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I think the multi-track recording process, suits Matt better...if you listen to almost any song, you can see that there is an almost harmonic duality to the recording. Raw, yet surprisingly clean.


I think, a 4 track cut or two would be good(accoustic or something really hard and raw), but I think Matt achieves more musically with the multi-track. He uses great musicians. If Priske is on the next Disc (I hope so, I like his style and talent)he'll be better suited to multi-track, to capture the tone,it'll give the rhythm section a better groove.

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